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Math 435, Introduction to Complex Analysis, Spring 2020

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This page serves as the main hub of activity for this course. This page will be updated to reflect additions or changes to the course schedule, assignments, etc.

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Course Info

Most of the course information can be found on this website. Be sure to keep up with the course's progress and other important information. Dates, assignments, etc. are subject to change, and you should take care to be informed and prepared. If you have any questions, be sure to check these pages. If you still can't find the answer, contact me (email is usually fastest).

This course meets at the following times & locations:
Mondays & Thursdays, 11:00AM-12:15AM, Meen 117.
The textbook for this course is Complex Variables and Applications, by Brown & Churchill, 9th edition.
Learning Objectives:
Learning objectives are listed in the course syllabus.
Final Exam:
The date and time of final exam are as indicated in the TU official final exam schedule below. Further information about the final exam schedule can be found at the Registrar's website.

Important note: This page is meant to collect information specific to this section of this course. Other generic information on this site like policies, supplemental material, etc. is still relevant and applicable to the course. Policies located on a page other than this one are still a part of the course syllabus.


Here I will post materials for the course. Note that some items may be unavailable (in particular, items dated into the future may not be posted in advance of those dates).

Course Syllabus
This contains basic course information, policies, etc.
Quizzes, in-class exercises, etc.
These are in the next section, listed by date.
Moodle Page
A small number of non-public documents may be posted here.
Complex Variables Class Notes by Dr. Bob Gardner
A webpage featuring a large number of short notes, organized according to our textbook, by Dr. Gardner of ETSU.

CAMPUS CLOSURE UPDATE: Due to the public health crisis, the Tusculum campus has closed and classes are not longer meeting in face-to-face format. Details about class meetings online, office hours, etc. will be transmitted by email, and additional material will be provided on Moodle. However, this schedule below may still give you the nominal pace for the course. Problem set due dates may be negotiable, and the exam dates and formats will be subject to change -- such changes will be announced by email and exam content will be delivered on Moodle.


Below is a day-to-day schedule of topics for each class meeting. For each date, this indicates the reading to be done before that date and assignments to be started or completed. The assignments, lecture topic, and reading will all correspond along each row. This means on a particular day, if we are covering topic X, you will have come to class having already read the reading about topic X. Then we might do an activity or discussion of topic X on that day. The assignment for that day, or a day close by, will include topic X, and will be due later in the semester.

Note that the schedule is subject to change, in case the pace of the course varies or due to other factors.

Note that reading is listed by section (§), not by chapter, because section numbering is independent of chapters in this text.

WkDateTopic/ReadingIn ClassAssignment/Other
1 Jan 13 § 1–4: Complex Numbers Informational Survey
In-Class Activity 0
1 Jan 16 § 5–7: Complex Geometry In-Class Activity 1 Solutions
2 Jan 20 Martin Luther King Jr. Day
2 Jan 23 § 8–12: Exponential Form ↓In-Class Activity 2  
3 Jan 27 § 13–14: Mappings In-Class Activity 2 Solutions
3 Jan 30 § 15–17: Limits    
4 Feb 3 § 18–20: Continuity & Differentiation In-Class Activity 3 Solutions
4 Feb 6 § 21–23 Complex Derivatives In-Class Activity 4 Solutions
5 Feb 10 § 24–26: More Derivatives Informational Survey
In-Class Activity 5
Chapter 1 Set Due
5 Feb 10 Homework/Study Session, 5:00-8:00PM, Meen 111
5 Feb 13 § 27–29: Analyticity    
6 Feb 17 Presidents' Day
6 Feb 20 Exam 1  
7 Feb 24 § 30–32: Exp. & Log. Functions    
7 Feb 27 § 33–34: Branches In-Class Activity 6 Solutions
8 Mar 2 § 35–36: Powers   Chapter 2 Set Due
8 Mar 4 Homework/Study Session, 5:00-9:00PM, Meen 111
8 Mar 5 § 37–38: Trig. Functions    
Mar 9-13 Spring Recess
9 Mar 16 § 41–42: Integration    
9 Mar 19 § 43–46: Contour Integration    
10 Mar 23 § 47–49: Antiderivatives    
10 Mar 26 § 50–53: Cauchy–Goursat Theorem    
11 Mar 30 § 54–57: Cauchy Integral Formula   Chapter 3 Set Due
11 Apr 2 § 58–59: Liouville's Theorem & Max. Modulus   Exam 2
12 Apr 6 § 60–64: Sequences & Series    
12 Apr 9 § 65–68: Laurent Series    
13 Apr 13 § 69–70: Convergence & Continuity    
13 Apr 16 § 71–72: Calculus of Series   Chapter 4 Set Due
14 Apr 20 § 74–79: Singular Points & Residues    
14 Apr 23 § 80–81: Residues & Poles    
15 Apr 27 § 82–84: Zeroes & Poles   Exam 3
15 Apr 30 § 85–86: Improper Integrals   Chapter 5 Set Due
16 May 4 § 112: Conformal Mappings    
16 May 7 12:00 noon – 2:00 PM: Final Exam Chapter 6 Set Due

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